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Duo of Cheer - Hand and Lip Kit

Duo of Cheer marries handbag esssentials including Lip Punch, naturally protecting lips from Summer dryness, and a helping hand comes from ever-popular fragrance Blossom & Gilt in a Soothe Tube.
A partnership designed for playing in paradise, this duo protects lips from Summer sun thanks to Lip Punch, a natural remedy made from beeswax and loaded with Essential Oils and Arnica. Fear not, hands are also well looked after with the nourishing goodness of Soothe Tube. Prepare for a seductive, sensory high - our signature fragrance Blossom & Gilt provides the lingering scent o f Summer favourites, Tuberose and Jasmine.
Lips will be laughing and hands high fiving all season long with this with this perfect, perfume-filled package. Practical yet oh-so-pretty!

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