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Why is art important and what impact does it have on society? Wild Kinship: The Makers takes us on a journey to find out just that. A collection of over twenty-five chapters The Makers speaks with artists from all walks of life to discover the impact that arts and creativity have on the cultural wellbeing of society and that of our own.

It explores what it means to be a creative today and explains why it is essential to our wellbeing through thought provoking, inspiring conversations that implore you to begin to take note and to notice the small things that bring us joy and make life meaningful.

Following on from the success of Wild Kinship: Conversations With Conscious Entrepreneurs, The Makers focuses on the wellness of our minds. It serves to inspire and awaken the creative in all of us, it is a celebration of art and pays homage to the importance of holistic wellbeing in our everyday lives.

  • Joanna Gibbs
  • James Muir
  • Poppy Kural
  • Jade Townsend
  • Rhianna May McCormick-Burns
  • Abbylee Bonny Watson
  • Shaun Daniel Allen
  • Zhu Ohmu
  • Nina Karnikowski
  • Ash Holmes
  • Oliver Le Noel
  • Amber Jones
  • Jackie Lee
  • Louis Wayling
  • Tom Young
  • Ben Young
  • Marloe Morgan
  • Isaac Katzoff and Stephen Bradbourne
  • Nikau Hindin
  • Emilia Galatis
  • Martinus Sarangapany
  • Rúna Kristjónsdóttir and Holly Tong
  • Tess Guinery
  • Solomon Marshall
  • Lucas Wearne
  • Alexander Dodds


The production of this book has been offset and is Climate Neutral.

Printed using plant-based inks on Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)–certified paper and other controlled material in a BSCI and SEDEX certified workplace.

99.9% Biodegradable.   


CREATOR: Monique Hemmingson
HARDCOVER: 240 pages
SIZE: 190mm x 240mm
PUBLISHER: Beatnik Publishing

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